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07 March 2013 @ 11:14 pm
.title: lists and stupid general things
fandom: the Lizzie Bennet Diaries
summary: She sees him on a street, no office buildings in sight. She doesn’t pretend to not see him, she goes up to him, and he’s Darcy awkward, not awkward awkward as she once perceived him. This nice settled feeling sits warmly in her stomach. Her hand reaches out to his arm as she thanks him “for Lydia”, but she flexes her fist instead. The warmth burns at her throat suddenly, and she awkwardly, Lizzie inappropriate but not inappropriate inappropriate, leaves.
characters/pairings: Lizzie Bennet, Lizzie/Darcy
rating: g
note: i was driving myself crazy not posting this. it's been two years since my last fic (admission: two years since i've written anything from start to finish. it's a mess, i don't like it's general-ness, but my insanity is such. this LBD thing has sucked my brain, and i had to edit it after the last vid, okay, seriously, adios) (:


things that should be easy is a list that begins with berating your stupid little sister for being so dumbCollapse )


.title: that single solitary guide (it must get lonely there sometimes)
fandom: Battlestar Galactica
summary: She should have been everywhere, and he should have waited. Stayed in one spot, nested, dug his feet into the dirt, built the earth around that spot until she came back. Because it would have been just like Kara to be the one waiting for him to be ready this one time. 
characters/pairings: Lee Adama, Lee/Kara
rating: pg13
note: the things i do for gaspily . write fic. write fic for bsg. damn you woman, love you. (:


strapped by the dark stars of Kara’s laces.Collapse )

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06 August 2010 @ 09:20 pm
.title: nothin' gets done with dust in your gun
fandom: Inception
summary: Arthur lead her through mazes she built. She would get lost in his paradoxes, but any sign of a trip and he built some impossible solid ground without missing a beat. So prepared for everything, he was. (He hadn’t been prepared for her, despite a thorough investigation of the architect student.)
characters/pairings: Ariadne, Arthur/Ariadne
rating: PG
note: enjoy. (:


&Collapse )
.title: i'm trying to grasp concepts of your dimensions (while my universe is laced around your wrist)
fandom: Inception
summary: Her mind sprouts unlike no other he’s ever witnessed, and it’s a marvel, she is a marvel. He hates her. He wants to understand her all, wholly, solely her, but she has one enough dangerous reason to live, and he won’t be another.
characters/pairings: Arthur/Ariadne
rating: PG-13
note: for gaspily. for myself haha. ugh, crazy nervous, but here goes. title (and actually, prompt for this) via gaspily (SPILL CANVAS). thank you bb! enjoy.


her fingers press on his cheeks, like she’s fastening her skin to his, preparing to ride a kick back home, but only if he’s with her.Collapse )