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17 June 2008 @ 02:52 pm
{take this space above my head} (2/2)  
TITLE: {take this space above my head}
FANDOM: Heroes/Smallville
SUMMARY: Lois Lane does Clark Kent a favor, and accepts a date invitation from Elle Bishop on Clark's behalf. However, a slightly weary Peter Petrelli won't fall by the wayside & asks Lois out. A double date ensues, & reporter Lois Lane finds herself in the midst of what may be her biggest story to date.

CHARACTER(S): Clark Kent, Elle Bishop, Lois Lane, Peter Petrelli
GENRE: General/Romance
TIMELINE: A few years after S2 of Heroes, several years after S7 of Smallville. Don't question the timeline.
A/N: For retroblair--hope you enjoy this last part!

“Superman!” Lois yells, confused, although a minor smirk does appear on her face. For her, it only further proves that he is more than keeping tabs on her. Except that he’s here when she is not dangling off a building or being pursued by some mobsters…

He doesn’t turn to her, almost as though he has not heard her (strange considering his hearing), and perhaps that moment is not the best to get involved due to the circumstances. As Lois takes in the scene, she becomes aware that this is not a brawl, and very few people are actually involved.

Superman stands off to one side, staring dead-on at another man who has a gun in hand pointed at the head none other than Nathan Petrelli. Which is how she notices that next to Superman is Peter Petrelli, whose face is twisted in a mixture of pain and anger, and his arms are raised as though he’s prepared to fight.

Lois immediately looks to her side, remembering that Elle came out with her. The petite blond was also taking in the scene, and for a moment she is solely staring at Peter, eyes dilated and mouth agape when she angrily screams,” Peter!”

Peter swivels his head to her and his shoulders slump when he sees her.

“Get out of here, Elle!” he screams and as he observes the growing crowd, adds,” get them all out of here!”

She seems ready to protest, but Lois grabs her arm and whispers to her,” Do what he asks--I‘ll help you.”

“But, Peter--and Nathan, we--”

“First, we get these people out.”

Elle shifts her eyes nervously first, and she turns her head to scan the crowd. When her eyes fixate on some particular person, she nods to Lois and runs in the direction her eyes were fixed on.

Lois cracks her neck and closes her eyes for a second, pondering how to get a crowd away from this, or how to get the scene away from the people. By the time the second has passed, however, her eyes open to find that except for Nathan, Peter, Elle, the gunman, a short man of Asian descent, and herself, the street is completely deserted. It looks abandoned--even the restaurant and its surroundings are empty. All she can hear are some distant sirens and their lights some miles off in what appears to be a perimeter.

“Wha--” she gasps, turning in circles to make sense of all this.

“Get her out of here too,” she hears Superman demand in his deep, commanding voice.

She turns to see whom he’s speaking to, and finds it is the Asian man who suddenly meets her gaze.

“No,” she shakes her head and holds a hand up,” I’m not moving.”

Her jaw sets firmly--she is resolute in this decision. Whatever is happening, she’s involved now too. She doesn’t know what’s happened, how the people have suddenly disappeared, who this gunman is, who this Asian man is, and she doesn’t know why they are all here or why they have Nathan Petrelli hostage, but she won’t leave.

“Just leave her alone,” Elle mutters. She obviously has more important concerns, which is evident through her irritated gaze and the determined blaze in her eyes.

When Elle’s words drop, so does everything else. Whereas before, when a crowd steadily stared at the hostage taken Nathan and his assailant and nothing occurred, now that the crowd ostensibly dissipated things begin falling.

The gunman, whose eyes never faltered from Peter (much like the gun directed at Nathan)--”We know your mother told you, Mr. Peter Petrelli. She trusted one person to know of the organization’s last remaining secret, and when she knew we were after her? She told one person. And we all know it was you.”

“I don’t know anything!” Peter screams.

“Really?” he scoffs and pulls back the trigger.

Nathan does not move, just remains steady in the headlock.

Lois, in an attempt to get closer to where Elle and the other man are standing, begins walking slowly but the gunman growls out at her--”You think I’m alone here?”

Lois gulps, taking that as a hint that the gunman is not alone, thus her eyes scan the area and when she sees nothing, she tilts her head up at the rooftops but there is also nothing there. An instant later, however, everyone hears dozens of guns cock from the air.

She turns her eyes to Superman’s, who looks at her wearily and the silence begins to overtake them again when Elle spews,” Fuck it.”

And just like that, blue sparks emit from her hands, glowing as electricity envelops her hands and Lois stares in shock. Elle sends those…jolts off and they travel along the road and reach the gunman’s feet, which acts as some kind of catalyst, because then Peter disappears and no matter where Lois looks, she cannot see him, until the gun flies out of the gunman’s hand as if it’s been knocked out of him. Guns begin going off, and Superman runs to Lois’ side to protect her from the onslaught of gunfire, but it’s futile.

When the gunshots do not burn into him (or bounce off of him), he looks up to see that the gunshots are bouncing off of something no one can see, as it looks only like the air is deflecting them. He stands and helps Lois up, and it takes them a moment to notice how Peter stands with his hands directed at the sky, a look of deep concentration on his face. Superman focuses his eyes on the occurrence until he realizes what Peter is doing.

“It’s a force field,” he says to Lois.

But she’s still shocked at all of this, and is only snapped back to the entire scene when the Asian man shouts,” Peter, watch out!” when the man who had been knocked out begins reaching for his gun.

It’s when Elle shoots electricity from her hands to the man, and shocks him. Lois doesn’t miss how Elle walks to the man, and how with each step, she increases the power of her electricity, how she grins when he screams in agony.

“Elle!” Peter shouts out at her, but she doesn’t listen.

He groans and bites his lip, wishing he could control the situation as a whole.

Superman, sensing that Elle does not have any intention of giving up anytime soon, runs to stop her and holds her until she stops from using her powers.

“I was going to stop!” she whines, pushing away the man of steel.

She moves her hair aside, and pants.

“Hiro, get that man and his shooters out of here already!” Nathan demands.

Following orders, the man apparently named Hiro, says “right” and nods. It takes a moment, but in one blink, Hiro is gone along with the racket and the force field is unnecessary. Peter lets his arms fall, and slowly his face relaxes as does his body from the tiring power usage. He falls to his knees, his hands resting on his thighs, and his head tilts downwards towards the floor.

“Peter,” Superman hears Elle whisper his name quietly, and she jogs by his side.

Superman turns to observe the sight, all the while knowing that Lois Lane is making her way to his side.

Her heel clicks against the concrete, and he hears her tongue click.

“Fancy seeing you here.”

“Just doing my job, ma’m,” he nods her way and grins. She doesn’t get a chance to retort, because just as he finishes the line, he flies off into the night, where neither she nor her eyes can follow him. Breathing in deeply, her eyes scatter about the scene, watching those left there, her mind abound with a dozen questions, one such being where this Hiro guy went and how exactly did he get out of here. Then her eyes find Peter and Elle, as they are already fighting again.

“I told you to get out of here,” he snipes as he stands up, flinching away whenever Elle tries to help him up.

“And what, let you take all the glory just because you want to be the big damn hero?”

“Nathan and Hiro were here,” he defends himself.

She rolls her eyes and steps directly in front of him as he flexes his back muscles.

“No way I was going to let only the boys take part in the action.”

She cocks her eyebrow, and he looks down at her with a playful smirk, but says nothing. Lois finds it hard to believe that Peter and Elle are having this moment to themselves amidst all this. She eyes Nathan who appears to be sending death glares to the pair, and Lois wonders what he thinks of all this, wonders what he knows exactly, when right beside him Hiro pops up. She is startled, clearly, and she loses her footing all for a moment but regains composure.  They are speaking to each other, apparently ignoring the exchange occurring some feet away. But she is proven that she’s not the only one seeing something transpire between Peter and Elle wrong when Nathan comes to stand beside her.

“You alright, Ms. Lois Lane?”

“Yeah,” she answers nonchalantly,” I just found the biggest story of my life--why wouldn’t I be fine?”

She turns her head to him and smirks, amused at his obviously irritated state.

“But don’t worry--this one will stay with me.”

Nathan studies her face with his own face of stone, his brows scrunched as he looks her over. He finally nods to her which prompts her to study him for a brief second, then she smirks and returns her eyes to Peter, who looks on at Elle’s ramblings as though she’s actually saying something interesting.

“I know what you’re thinking Ms. Lane, and yes, they’re the only two who don’t see it.”

“If that’s so, why doesn’t anyone tell them?”

She places her hands on her waist and sternly looks at Nathan.

He crosses his arms over his chest and while looking at Peter says,” Because we’re not sure how stable Elle is.”

He doesn’t bother to hear a rebuttal and just walks to his brother. The two speak a word or two and hug, and begin walking in the opposite direction of where the sirens can be seen blaring in the distance.

“Hey, has anyone seen Clark?!” Lois asks when their exit reminds her of her partner.

Elle nudges Peter and sends a thought his way--’she doesn’t know that Clark is--?’

“No,” he tells her in a tone that indicates she not speak her question aloud, much less make it known to Lois who Clark is in fact.

Hiro finds it his job to respond to her, so he turns and explains,” He’s with the rest of the people.”

And he points a finger in the sirens direction.

Her head turns then returns to Hiro’s gaze with a raised eyebrow.

“Speaking of which,” she shifts her body weight to the left,” how is it that--”

“Miss Lane, perhaps we’ll be able to explain a portion of what has just trespassed this night to you someday, but we have had a tiring night, so for the time being can your interrogation bear a hiatus?” Nathan stops her, although his words leave his mouth as a demand, not a question.

“Fine,” she smiles tightly at him with a crossed look that communicates she is not, nor will she ever be, done with the topic at hand. And although she lets that rest for the time being, there is that other thing that she will pursue then because two (semi) defeats in one night don't make for a good track record, so she decisively calls Peter to her.

“Yeah?” he makes his way to her, as his brother, Elle, and Hiro wait for him several feet from them.

“It’s been an interesting date,” she says.

He chuckles and nods,” yeah, sorry about that.”

“Ah, don’t worry about it,” she dismisses it, “but I do have one complaint.”

“What’s that?”

She shrugs and gazes up.

“That you asked me out just to keep an eye out on the girl you really like.”

“What?” he furrows his brows and sticks his hands in his pockets.

“Look, Petrelli, I’m a reporter. I have a killer instinct. You can lie all you want, but I can see it even if you can’t.”

She brings her eyes to meet his and she squeezes his forearm in encouragement.

“So a word of advice--when you feel something for someone, it’s normal to be scared, and yeah, there’s always those imperfections that make you want to run far, far away. But you have to look at it as a sort of pros and cons list kind of thing--if the pros outweigh the con, the risk is worth it. Plus I‘m pretty sure she has a thing for you, too,” she pauses between her diagnosis, then admits,” although she is harder to read.”

Peter scoffs and nods his head in a ‘no’ movement.

“She might have a thing for me, Miss Lois Lane, but she has a thing for right about any guy she comes across.”

“Well then, she doesn’t have a thing for you,” Lois purses her lips and shrugs, which causes Peter to feel an inch of disappointment.

But she adds, with a smile and a wink,” she actually really, really likes you but because you and your little group over there drew some line, she’s complied to it thinking if she doesn’t, she will lose you all.”

Peter grimaces and he takes a look at Elle, who is spitefully staring at both him and Lois.

“What makes you think we would draw a line for Elle?”

“Because you’re worried about her stability--I saw how she acted on that guy,” she points to the space the hostage taker had been taken down.

Peter breathes in deeply, and rubs his nose while ruminating on her words which prompts him to hide a smile at her choice of words regarding him confronting his feelings. He has to put away his own thoughts about how a reporter named Clark Kent could be told the same thing. Then again, he can’t, because there is a stark difference between his situation’s and Clark Kent--while both do technically have secret lives, only one uses a secret identity to protect people by using his abilities while the other maintains no secret identity.

He reaches his hand out to her and smiles briefly, “Thanks, Lois.”

She takes his hand and smiles smugly. It would seem as though the undercover date had more results than she could have ever anticipated.
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lee pace's moustache: cute baby chickwhimsey on June 18th, 2008 05:23 am (UTC)
Absolutely loved it!

OMG! Soo much action packed. Elle is very spunky and relentless. When Lois starts her little speech to Peter, at first I thought she was mentioning his powers or whatnot, but then it turned out to be his relationship with Elle. Sweet!

EVERYBODY KNOWS I'M A MOTHERFRAKKIN' MONSTER.: hands/bellfalsemurmur on June 19th, 2008 12:13 am (UTC)
Thank you! So glad you loved it, sweetie (whoo, mission accomplished). Ha, I love Elle.

Much love.
lee pace's moustache: kristen right sidewhimsey on June 19th, 2008 01:42 am (UTC)
No, thank you!

I can never thank you enough for taking the time and effort to write this story. It means a lot to me that a somewhat total stranger would do this for me.
EVERYBODY KNOWS I'M A MOTHERFRAKKIN' MONSTER.: bondfalsemurmur on June 19th, 2008 02:02 am (UTC)
Seriously, just to have my work enjoyed even by just one person is a great pleasure--so don't mention it, as you're more than welcome ;)
eternal_moonieeternal_moonie on June 19th, 2008 10:09 am (UTC)
Absolutely LOVED it! LOL, you're not the only one who likes Elle...

EVERYBODY KNOWS I'M A MOTHERFRAKKIN' MONSTER.: brokenfalsemurmur on June 19th, 2008 05:52 pm (UTC)
Elle is made of awesome--true story ;)

Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it!
motylik: blushmotylik on July 19th, 2008 06:36 pm (UTC)
This was awesome! Hee. Can't believe I only found it now. :D I loved how Lois helped Peter realise he should do something about Elle. I'd really like to read more from this universe if you have more. :D
EVERYBODY KNOWS I'M A MOTHERFRAKKIN' MONSTER.: elle; we'll be playmates & loversfalsemurmur on July 19th, 2008 07:10 pm (UTC)
Heh, it being my first crossover, I thought I didn't get things quite right, but it's great that you found it to be awesome!

I've thought about exploring things more from Elle's side & just delving more into her head as I typically tend to do so in my writing, but for the time being I'm letting this universe settle. If I decide to do a bit more, however, I'll be sure to give you a head's up.

Thank you.